Why betting is growing in popularity among horse racing fans?

Online Betting has gained a lot of popularity recently among sports enthusiasts and Horse racing fans are no different in this regard. As of April 2016, horsing racing fans in US alone have placed bets worth $3.4 billion which was a 4% increase when compared to previous years. During the Kentucky Derby races, there was a total of $192.6 million spent on horse racing bets. Some of the popular online betting websites experienced a crash during that day.

According to Powerplay Horse racing is one of the top sports in Canada, the US and UK and the attendance numbers have increased steadily. Kentucky Derby, The Royal Ascot, Cheltenham Festival are some of the most followed events in United Kingdom. When the casinos popped all over the UK and the US, they scooped a lot of money from customers who were betting crazy on the races.  It was predicted by one of the sports clubs that wagering on horse races may increase by 25% during 2021. Before you go ahead with betting, you should understand the basics of horse racing and know how to evaluate the strength of various horse breeds. Based on statistical data, it is known that on average Favourites win the race 33.3% of the time and the remaining 66.7%, it is won by some other horses. You should also know how the horse has been prepared before the race and whether it is moving up the class, its previous track records etc. You should be careful not to bet on the overworked and overmedicated horses.

Betting on horse racing is legal in the US and is the only way to gamble online which definitely attracts all the newbie fans. In olden days, the bettors had to physically visit the track in order to place their bets as they will not know any details about the horses or the race tracks. But in modern days, you can view all the statistics of horse view the live race online by comfortably sitting in your home. This has definitely increased the popularly of online betting among horse racing fans. Online horse race betting is legal in most states of the US and also in the UK and many racetracks have their own digital betting sites. The online betting sites are user-friendly with simple and straightforward rules, excellent graphics, player chatrooms and also broadcast live feeds of races which makes it very attractive option for people who can’t travel to the actual race tracks. If you are residing in the UK and wish to bet online on horse racing events, www.bonus.co.uk is the best place for you.

Another reason why betting is increasing in popularity among horse racing fans is the increased payouts and possibilities of winning with the online betting sites. Players can gain access to detailed information about the jockey and horse trainers, the classes of the horses and its pictures and odds of winning. Some betting sites also offer online games like fantasy racing tournaments to attract newbies. In olden days generally only men above 50 who had experience and knowledge about horses were involved in betting, but with the advent of casual gambling sites, many youngsters below age of 40 have started to involve in horse race betting. Based on a survey by the Jockey Club, the average horse racing fans were 3 years younger than the average NFL fan and many were interested in online betting. This has caused many horse races to be conducted on smaller tracks and wagering increased by 1.2% over 2015. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation among newbies who have got addicted to online horse race betting. Also, the online viewership has increased with more fans enjoying the race online than people who visit the course to watch the race live. There are many horse racing events and festivals organized in the UK which attract horses from across Europe and this brings a lot of attention from bookmakers and online gamblers who try to make a lot of money by betting on their favourite horses.