Introduction by Cathryn Fry

Annie Lennox once sang ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’ and that’s exactly what Racing 4 Girls are doing. The concept is the brainchild of Stephanie King  (@ms_arsenal) and here in her own words she tells us exactly why she set up R4G.

Stephanie King

“Racing4Girls started off as a hobby really, I just had a WordPress blog. I was working the rails one Newmarket Nighst and I received about 20 texts from girls going racing asking for tips. The amount of girls who came up to me asking me what things meant, the odds etc was massive. So i thought… ‘I can help these girls’, and Racing4Girls was born! I got talking to some of the racing girls and suggested we do something about the lack of women in racing and girls going to the races! I set the website up and the rest is history!

It’s a bit of a niche market and we’re absolutely flying! We offer truthful insights in the racing industry via blogs from the girls and I. We all have our specific roles so it’s nice for people to see all the different careers available. We also offer fashion advice, racing guides, betting and racing jargon explained, betting tips and lots more. The essential website for girls going racing!

The industry is changing and the girls are making a name for themselves for the right reasons. They ride just as well if not better than a lot of the boys, so they deserve all the recognition they get. There aren’t many sports where men and women compete against each other on an even par… so they deserve credit for all their hard work. They are role models for so many girls including me!”

By Stephanie King.

For more information visit or follow @Racing4Girls.