Popular roulette variations you should know about

Roulette, whether played online or offline, works quite differently than the horse races such as Cheltenham- which you can read about here http://jpfestival.com/cheltenham-festival-2018/ . You’re essentially playing against the house and the house has to carry enough money to cover any bet that you place – whether you win a few hundred or hundreds of thousands dollars. In case of pooled horse race betting, all the money collected from various punters is gathered in a pool; the house then takes its rake/cut and the remaining amount is what the punters stand to win. Horse racing is very similar to how lottery works – you don’t bet against the house but against the other people who’ve also placed bets; the house simply functions as a bookkeeper and takes a healthy percentage for all that work.

Having talked about how horseracing and online/offline roulette are different from each other, let’s look at some popular variations of roulette. In fact, if you’re in Canada, you can try all the best variations of roulette at https://ca.allslotscasino.com/.

The French roulette

You’ll find French roulette at almost every casino on the internet and you can read about its origins at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roulette. This online roulette game is a must-try for any roulette lover. It works differently from the original version in the manner that it features one more box on the table – the 0 box, which gives you an additional option to bet on. Technically, it improves your odds of winning. However, this additional box also makes it difficult for you to make the correct selection, as you have too many options now! But majority of players treat the additional box as more of an advantage than being a downfall.

The American roulette

The Americans have always pushed things up a notch! And they did the same with roulette. While there’s an extra option in the form of a 0 box in French roulette, the American version provides you with one more box in the form of a 00! Interestingly, some people argue that it wasn’t the Americans who added 00 to the roulette wheel – it was all the time there in the European casinos until the single 0 roulette wheels became a rage in the Monte Carlo casinos.

Apparently, the 00 wheel got plenty of action in the US and according to http://www.tmz.com,  hence got the name American roulette! All the basic rules of the game stay the same; the only difference is 2 additional betting options in the form of 0 and 00 boxes.

Other significant roulette variations

Many regional roulette variations popped up over a period of time, and online casinos have been very creative in providing modern and exciting twists to this conventional casino game. You can play ‘Mini Roulette,’ which only features 13 numbered pockets, from 1 to 12 and a single 0, with the same betting principles. This version of roulette works well for people who don’t like so many numbers in the regular roulette game.

There are many online casinos that house franchise-themed roulette games inspired from Hollywood blockbusters – a trend which can be very well seen in case of Marvel Roulette, a game full of action packed graphics, special bonus rounds and the possibility to win huge Marvel mystery jackpot!

Check out different online casinos for various roulette variations; you may be in for a pleasant surprise!