*Official Preview – In running* – Champion Hurdle

Just watched the Sizing Europe VT of last race…very very impressive. The more I see it the more I think this could be a serious horse. Whoops….you want the panel’s views not mine 🙂
Mick says Afsoun in good form and trained for the race but he can have an off day. Mick likes Katchit and thinks he is a live contender. He thought Sublimity was fat before the Cheltenham race this season so thinks he might take the beating if back to best. Mick thinks Sizing Europe will be found out as doesn’t like his jumping style. King says Katchit wasn’t at best in Bula. Will get closer to Osana this time. Vibes are good for Sublimity according to Paul Ryan so thinks major player. He likes Sizing Europe and Osana too plus mentions Katchit and Harchibald. Mr Ryan likes lots of horses in every race! Thinks unfair to blame Carberry for Harchibald losing races. Mick likes Harchi too. Ryan mentions yet another – De Valira and like this one too! Tom likes Osana best of all and thinks he’s been trained for race and will be difficult to catch.

Summary – when asked for one horse – (please note Paul)
Mick – Harchibald
Paul – Osana and Sublimity
King – Harchibald
Mike – Sizing Europe
Tom – Osana