Official Cheltenham Preview – LIVE blog

Cathryn and I are just settling in on our picnic table at the back of The Centaur at Cheltenham Racecourse. There’s a good buzz about the place and the action is due to kick off in about 20 mins….

It’s like we are sitting in a kitchen as there are wafts of roast port coming across the back of the room. Don’t remember them doing food at this event before.

We’re off! Mary the Chairman of Cheltenham and 3 Counties welcomes everyone.

Eddie G and Alan Lee talking about the abandonment in 2001 and looking forward to this year’s Centenary Festival. Ticket sales are up on last year and more travelling from Ireland. First worthwhile tip of the night…even though Gold Cup will be sold out there is a good chance you’ll get a ticket if ask in the racing office in the Hall Of Fame on Friday morning. They will water again if they need to. Aim to have good to soft.

Tonight’s panel is:
Alan Lee (AL)
Paul Nicholls (PN)
Daryl Jacob (DL)
Tom Segal (TS)
Mick Fitzgerald (MF)
Russ Wiseman (RW)

Well done to Tom Segal for coming along thereby missing his beloved Reading…all they did lose.

I’ll be making a post for each race. First up the Supreme…