National Hunt Guide by Graham Richards – 28 WINNERS so far!

Updated 30 November Our National Hunt Guide 2013-2014 by Graham Richards @gronline is now available! Analysis of 123 horses, interviews with 11 trainers in 11,536 words over 30 pages. It’s already highlighted these 28 winners: 1. A Vos Gardes (FR) 2. Annie Power (IRE) 3. Beforeall (IRE) 4. Calipto (FR) 5. Carraig Mor (IRE) 6. Dell’ Arca (IRE) 7. Duke Of Monmouth (IRE) 8. Global Power (IRE) 9. Green Flag (IRE) 10. Harry Topper 11. Hello George (IRE) 12. Kentucky Hyden (IRE) 13. Magnifique Etoile 14. Mandarin Sunset (IRE) 15. Many Clouds (IRE) 16. Nuts N Bolts 17. Pendra (IRE) 18. Plum Stone 19. Red Sherlock 20. Regal Encore (IRE) 21. Royal Regatta (IRE) 22. Spirit Oscar (IRE) 23. The Liquidator 24. Ueueteotl (FR) 25. Urban Hymn (FR) 26. Uxizandre (FR) 27. Valdez 28. Volnay De Thaix (FR) Here’s are the excerpts for 2 of the winners, Many Clouds and Royal Regatta: Many Clouds (IRE) 6-y-o (21Apr07 br g) Cloudings (IRE) (12.2f) – Bobbing Back (IRE) (Bob Back (USA) (12.4f)) Despite disappointing at Aintree, Many Clouds had an excellent first season over hurdles. He has pleased his trainer with his well-being and schooling. Many Clouds handles good through to heavy. He will prove effective over two and half to three-miles. Best on a galloping track; he should make an impression in his novice chase season. Royal Regatta (IRE) 5-y-o (25Mar08 b g) King´s Theatre (IRE) (11.4f) – Friendly Craic (IRE) (Mister Lord (USA) (12.0f)) Bolted up in a Bumper at Haydock Park this March. On good or softer ground, round a galloping track, he is expected to win his novice hurdle before progressing through the ranks. Royal Regatta has done well over the summer and pleased his trainer in schooling sessions. Aintree 27 October: With three flights omitted, his jumping wasn´t fully tested. However, he is a promising young hurdler that can defy a penalty before aiming higher. He wouldn´t want to go any further than two and a half miles. Here’s the full A-Z of the 123 horses covered in the Guide – download for £12 or sign up as a Community Member for just £6 per month or £30 every 6 months – BUY NH GUIDE OR JOIN COMMUNITY. Community Members and buyers of the NH Guide can now access the latest update and notes from Graham Richards for free. It’s available under the Guides menu. A Shade Of Bay 5-y-o (08May08 b m) A Vos Gardes 3-y-o (25April10) African Gold (IRE) 5-y-o (13May08 b g) Aikman (IRE) 9-y-o (11May04 b g) Ainsi Fideles (FR) 3-y-o (01May10 ch g) Allee Bleue (IRE) 3-y-o (14Feb10 ch g) Always Smiling (IRE) 6-y-o (01Jan07 b m) Amour Collonges 3-y-o (10May2010 g) Anda De Grissay (FR) 3-y-o (28Apr10 b f) Annie Power (IRE) 5-y-o (20Mar08 ch m) Area Access (IRE) 5-y-o (01Jan08 b g) Art Mauresque (FR) 3-y-o (01Mar10 b g) Attimo (GER) 4-y-o (10Mar09 ch g) Avidity 4-y-o (24May09 b g) Baltimore Rock (IRE) 4-y-o (07Apr09 b g) Batonnier (FR) 7-y-o (04Apr06 ch g) Beforeall (IRE) 5-y-o (07May08 b g) Big News 7-y-o (15Jun06 ch g) Black Hercules (IRE) 4-y-o (01Jan09 b g) Black Is Beautiful (FR) 5-y-o (02Mar08 b g) Black River (FR) 4-y-o (21Mar09 b g) Blue Fashion (IRE) 4-y-o (13Mar09 b g) Brother Du Berlais (FR) 4-y-o (16Apr09 b/br g) Cadoudoff (FR) 3-y-o (12Apr10 b g) Calipto (FR) 3-y-o (15Apr10 b g) Carraig Mor (IRE) 5-y-o (01Jan08 b g) Champagne West (IRE) 5-y-o (06May08 b g) Chill Factor (IRE) 4-y-o (30Apr09 b g) Chocala (IRE) 3-y-o (10Apr10 b g) Close Touch 5-y-o (14May08 ch g) Darna 7-y-o (16Feb06 b g) Dell’ Arca (IRE) 4-y-o (17Feb09 b g) Deputy Dan (IRE) 5-y-o (11Jun08 b g) Duke Of Monmouth (IRE) 6-y-o (17Mar07 b g) Edmund Kean (IRE) 6-y-o (13Mar07 b g) Elmore Back (IRE) 4-y-o (30Jun09 b g) Evening Stanley Gassin Golf 4-y-o (07Mar09 b g) Global Power (IRE) 7-y-o (01May06 b g) Gone Too Far 5-y-o (05Jun08 b g) Grey Earl Grey Gold (IRE) 8-y-o (12Jun05 gr g) Handazan (IRE) 4-y-o (03Feb09 b g) Hannibal The Great (IRE) 5-y-o (13Feb08 b g) Harry Topper 6-y-o (05Apr07 b g) Hector’s Choice (FR) 9-y-o (05May04 b/br g) Hello George (IRE) 4-y-o (02May09 b g) If In Doubt (IRE) 5-y-o (14Apr08 b g) Inish Island (IRE) 7-y-o (11Apr06 ch g) Invictus (IRE) 7-y-o (03May06 b g) Irish Buccaneer (IRE) 6-y-o (31Mar07 b g) Katkeau (FR) 6-y-o (13May07 b g) Keltus (FR) 3-y-o (19Mar10 gr g) Kentucky Hyden (IRE) 3-y-o (17Apr10 ch g) Knock A Hand (IRE) 8-y-o (09Apr05 br g) Kris Spin (IRE) 5-y-o (12Jan08 br g) L’Amiral David (FR) 3-y-o (25Apr10 b/br g) Latelo 2008 5-y-o b g Lemony Bay 4-y-o (08Apr09 b g) Lord Of House (GER) 5-y-o (05Apr08 ch g) Lord Wishes (IRE) 6-y-o (03Jun07 b g) Magnifique Etoile 6-y-o (12Apr07 b g) Mandarin Sunset (IRE) 6-y-o (15May07 ch g) Many Clouds (IRE) 6-y-o (21Apr07 br g) Marie Des Anges (FR) 5-y-o (25Mar08 b m) Meister Eckhart (IRE) 7-y-o (29Mar06 b/br g) Midnight Minx 6-y-o (09May07 b m) Midnight Oscar (IRE) 6-y-o (02Jul07 br g) Milord (GER) 4-y-o (28Mar09 br c) Mischievous Milly (IRE) 5-y-o (08May08 b m) Molly’s A Diva 6-y-o (24Mar07 ch m) Montbazon (FR) 6-y-o (05Feb07 b/br g) Mountainous (IRE) 8-y-o (01Jun05 b g) National Hunt Guide Horses 2013-2014 Ned Stark (IRE) 5-y-o (01Jan08 b g) Net Work Rouge (FR) 4-y-o (01Jan09 b g) O’Faolains Boy (IRE) 6-y-o (03Jun07 b g) Oscarteea (IRE) 4-y-o (15Mar09 b g) Pendra (IRE) 5-y-o (16Apr08 ch g) Plum Stone 4-y-o b m Prideofthecastle (IRE) 6-y-o (02May07 b g) Puffin Billy (IRE) 5-y-o (02May08 b g) Quick Decisson (IRE) 5-y-o (29Feb08 b g) Red Sherlock 4-y-o (16Feb09 ch g) Regal Encore (IRE) 5-y-o (12May08 b g) Royal Regatta (IRE) 5-y-o (25Mar08 b g) Salmanazar 5-y-o (05Mar08 b g) Sassanova (FR) 3-y-o (28Apr10 b f) Sausalito Sunrise (IRE) 5-y-o (05Jun08 b g) Scorpions Sting (IRE) 4-y-o (09May09 b g) Sego Success (IRE) 5-y-o (01Jan08 b g) Seventh Sky (GER) 6-y-o (05Apr07 b g) Solar Impulse (FR) 3-y-o (28Mar10 b g) Solstice Son 4-y-o (28May09 b g) Spirit Oscar (IRE) 5-y-o (01Jan08 b m) Such A Legend 5-y-o (01May08 ch g) Tax Benefit (IRE) 8-y-o (23Apr05 b g) Teo Vivo (FR) 6-y-o (18May07 gr g) The Liquidator 5-y-o (20Apr08 b g) The Pirate’s Queen (IRE) 4-y-o (11Mar09 b f) Thorlak (FR) 6-y-o (08Mar07 b h) Top Gamble (IRE) 5-y-o (16Feb08 ch g) Tresor De Bontee (FR) 6-y-o (01Apr07 b g) Twelve Roses 5-y-o (13Apr08 ch g) Two Rockers (IRE) 6-y-o (14Apr07 b g) Ueueteotl (FR) 5-y-o (17Mar08 gr g) Ulzana’s Raid (IRE) 4-y-o (06May09 ch g) Un Ace (FR) 5-y-o (13May08 b Un De Sceaux (FR) 5-y-o (01Jan08 b g) Un Guet Apens (FR) 5-y-o (05Apr08 b g) Up And Go (FR) 5-y-o (29Feb08 ch g) Upsilon Bleu (FR) 5-y-o (19May08 b g) Urban Hymn (FR) 5-y-o (01Jan08 b g) Urubu D’Irlande (FR) 5-y-o (20Apr08 b g) Uxizandre (FR) 5-y-o (05Mar08 ch g) Valdez 6-y-o (16Mar07 ch g) Vazaro Delafayette (FR) 4-y-o (01Jan09 bl g) Velator 6-y-o (11Mar07 b g) Vide Cave (FR) 4-y-o (10May09 b g) Vieux Lion Rouge (FR) 4-y-o (02Mar09 ch g) Volnay De Thaix (FR) 4-y-o (23Jan09 ch g) Vyta Du Roc (FR) 4-y-o (21Jun09 gr g) West Wizard (FR) 4-y-o (16Feb09 b/br g) Western Jo (IRE) 5-y-o (02Apr08 b g) BUY NH GUIDE OR JOIN COMMUNITY