Key factors to keep in mind when betting on horse races

Horse racing for long has been counted as one of the most popular sports to place bets on, alongside football. Just like football, you can avail a great multitude of betting markets in horse racing too.

If you are someone who keenly follows the UK horse races and actively bets on them as well, you must get ready for Cheltenham Festival 2018 and start preparing well in advance to make the most of its races. Let’s take you through the important factors you must keep in mind when betting on horse races in general.

Distance of the race
A horse that normally runs long distances, but is made to compete on a shorter racecourse might not be able to deliver the speed required to win the race. On the other hand, a horse that picks up speed right out of the gates might not be able to sustain till the end of a long-distance race course. You should carefully consider the distance of a course and compare it with the past victories of a horse before placing your bets.

Current form of the horse
Thoroughly studying the current form of a race horse should be the starting point for any horse race better. However, remember that the results of the race can also be impacted by several other factors. Study how the previous victories of a horse correlate with the factors that’ll come into play in the upcoming race. Such study is crucial to ascertain the chances of a horse to replicate, improve or weaken his prior results.

Every Trainer has his/her unique strategy that can be studied from his/her past successes. For instance, Richard Hannon is a specialist in the 2-year-olds and enjoys a fairly good record when it comes to racing young horses. Other horse trainers specialise in specific races. You should know which trainer to back and which opposition trainer’s presence might be a threat to your favourite horse.

Richard Hannon

Just like trainers, jockeys also specialise in specific race styles and distances. You must constantly keep track of successful jockeys and should know if a trainer has brought a big name on board to increase his/her horse’s chances of winning. Staying on top of all such info can give you a huge edge while placing your punts. Please note, sometimes experience is a huge differentiator as well. Who doesn’t remember Leighton Aspell, the retired jockey who made a comeback and won the Grand National 2014 with Pineau De Re?!

Ground conditions
Some race horses prefer a soft ground (after rain) while others like it dry. You must study the current ground conditions and compare them with the past results of a horse to determine how he’ll perform on a given day. The gait, weight, size and breeding can also greatly determine a horse’s ground preference. It is often overheard in horse race betting circles that horses which raise their legs high while running prefer soft surfaces, while the ones that run low prefer dry and firm grounds.