Bingo or Horse Racing? A Beginners’ Guide to Choosing the Best Game for You

You may wonder what’s the connection between a square list of numbers and horses, but you’d be surprised to know that bingo and horse racing have as many similarities as differences. Bingo is one of the most widespread chance-based gambling games for newcomers who want to dip their toe in the gambling world with small amounts. Lucky numbers have nothing do with winning a horse race. Unlike sports, bingo is a real numbers game. Players at the latest bingo operators rely on a combination of numbers to win. Both games offer small to medium rewards in most cases, with horse racing often featuring also big pots. Therefore, it might be hard for beginner gamblers to know which game is more suitable for their gambling styles. There are reckless and careful gamblers, and gamblers with a small bankroll and those with a lot of money to bet with, and those who are just playing for fun. Fortunately, both gambling games have something to offer to any of these types.

Luck or Strategy-based Gambling

The main difference between bingo and horse racing is that bingo tests your ability to think off your feet when making patterns with the called numbers, whereas in horse racing you need more than just a lucky horse. You need to know more details about previous races and the health of your favourite to place a successful bet. The rewards of your hard work of observation will also be greater! So, if you’re the patient type, consider exploring the most common races in dept. However, if you just want to try out your luck and you’re impatient to make a small profit, bingo will be a better choice for your first bets. Professional bingo players also have an arsenal of tested strategies, but this will only come to you by playing a lot of games. Good news is that you’ve got a greater chance at winning, if you play on more cards, instead of placing a single bet on one horse, as it is often the case with horse racing gambling.

Playing Bingo for the First Time

Even if it’s easier to win at bingo than it is at horse racing, there’s more to it than just yelling ‘Bingo!’ once you make a successful pattern. As many of you know, the bingo card consists of 24 numbers, and one blank square and the numbers called can be any number from 1 to 75. Once everybody has bought their cards or selected them online, the game begins with the numbers being called at random. You can play as many cards you want to increase your odds, but as a rule of thumb, you should start with fewer cards, so that you can follow the patterns on all the cards. Your winning odds will also depend on the number of other players in the game, so look for halls or online rooms with fewer players. To prolong the game and the thrill, play just half of it or less so that you minimise the risk. If you’re determined to win straight away, check to understand the maths behind bingo’s odds.

How to Bet on Horse Racing?

Horse racing similar to bingo is a very social activity, but since it is inception horse racing has been associated with the upper class of the nouveau riche, whereas bingo is more widespread for the simple fact of its lower requirements in terms of cash commitment and etiquette. In that respect, horse racing events are rarer than bingo nights that take place throughout the week. Thus, many find horse racing more exciting when it comes to the intriguing stories accompanying each and every horse and jockey. Keeping track of the stories and understanding the behind-the-scenes of grooming training the horses  and  is what makes it such a time-consuming, but very rewarding past time. To start with horse racing betting, you’d need to keep track of the horses you want to bet on, the number of the racetrack and the number of the race you’ve chosen. Listen for the commentator’s handicaps and start with easy wagers, such as show where you pick whether your horse will finish first, second or third. So, as you can see there’s a lot more to learn about horse racing than there is to bingo, but what if you could combine the thrill of the race with the simple rules of bingo?

Horse Racing Bingo, really?

A fairly new gambling game, horse racing bingo continues to grow in popularity as a side activity during horse races and as a fun way to learn more about horse racing before jumping into silly betting. As the name suggests, gamblers buy cards similar to bingo cards with different scenarios instead of numbers in the squares. The first to mark off all scenarios on the card is the winner. Contrary to horse racing, this variation of bingo depends mostly on luck, and as it’s a new game, winning strategies are rare, but there’s always room for your contribution!