Beginners Guide to Winning at Horse Racing


Finding winners on horse racing is no easy task and so many books have been written on how to select the right horse to put your money on. So, how do you win at horse racing? Well, read our short beginner’s guide to winning at horse racing.

Don’t just bet on the favourite

You must understand that horse racing is unpredictable just like online pokies games. For that reason, never lump all your money on your favourite horse because most times, your favourite will only come first an average of 30% of the time. Instead, we suggest that you bet on the horse that offers the most value. That means that you must do your research and know your selections first before betting.

Get to know your surfaces

You must understand that different horses run well on different surfaces. For that reason you will notice that on a dry course, you will definitely see faster speeds and daintier horses are the ones that win here. On the other hand, runners that hit the ground hard will do better on softer turf as they get more sprinting power as they grip into the ground.

Get to know the signs of a confident horse

This will really not work if you are betting on horses online. According to rsabet you will need to be at a live horse racing event in order to make use of this ‘trick’. Being at a live event allows you to watch all horses before the race, checking how they react. Normally, a calm and confident horse with a shiny coat will do better that a jittery, anxious one.

Get to know your jockey

Jockeys play a major role in the outcome of the game. This is because most jockeys have favourite locations. Also, jockeys usually have skillsets that are naturally suited to some courses. Furthermore, trainers usually pair the strongest horses with the best riders. In that regard, you will find that it’s important to learn and understand specific jockey and trainer combos.