Backing a worthwhile NAP

Fans of horse racing see a NAP as being one of the cornerstones of betting on the sport. For those who aren’t quite so knowledgeable on the subject, it’s difficult to grasp the concept at a first glance and can be enough to put people entirely off getting involved. NAPs are certainly worth coming to terms with though, especially as they’re rated as being so crucial from a given day’s racing action.

Betting is never set in stone and gambling responsibly must always come first but there is what could be considered as a formula to backing a reliable NAP. Not many sites delve into beginner’s guides for the many different types of betting but there are some exceptions such as The Winners Enclosure who have their own NAP of the Day page with all you need to know on how NAPs work, as well as the best horse racing tips, their own bets, previews and odds from across the sport.

Tips for identifying the perfect NAP:

Limit your range of odds

Regular horse racing punters know how best to pick out a horse that they see as being worth backing and the odds rarely come into it. For those who are still working out how betting works, going for the higher odds will always be seen as preferable to the lower priced horses, but that’s not in the spirit of what a NAP stands for.

Most NAPs are priced under 1/1 and will only ever go slightly over 1/1 in rare circumstances. The point of a NAP is to be backing a horse that looks the most likely to win a race out of all others over a given day, so if the odds are massively high then the horse you’re looking at is unlikely to work as your chosen NAP.

Check out tips from horse racing sites

As for any situation where you’re getting used to working with something new, reflecting what you’re doing with a more experienced alternative is always a sensible idea. By comparing your own NAP alongside the tip provided by a site like The Winners Enclosure, you can see if you’re going along the right tracks or not.

Research the form and stats

Not only would bouncing your ideas off a similar website work but the same can be said for checking out the attributes behind the horse that make it so worth betting on. This would usually be based around the form of the horse and recent results from running on a similar track. If nothing else, it at least backs up what you’re betting on through solid facts and figures.

Unfortunately, no bet is ever certain to go your way and you can never predict the future, but by looking at all the statistics surrounding the horse you’ve chosen, it could be as sign that you’re getting behind one with a winning mentality that others have also backed.