Arkle Chase

PN: Happy with Ghizao. Will like good ground and will go well fresh. Happy with jumping. Big chance he says. Always going to be a chaser. Paul has schooled him once or twice a week for last month. 30 fences per day. When beaten at October wasn’t ready. Only ran for the experience then.
DJ: Likes Ghizao. Schooled him early in the year. Likes Medermit. Doesn’t like Finian’s Rainbow jumping. Ghizao is his idea of the winner.
MF: Also keen on Ghizao. Mick in favour of change with the 2nd last now in the straight. Makes for more exciting race as more emphasis on jumping. They will now race earlier he says.
TS: Likes Medermit. Thinks Dan Breen will make the pace. Strong pace will suit Medermit as he stays well. Keen on Captain Chris (which he’s tipped) if he runs in this.
PN: Important to ride horses up with the pace he says.
MF: Mick disagrees with Paul. Fight! Not really. Mick thinks you should just pop in a waiting race.

Next up Champion Hurdle….