4,000 Moments of Genius: A poem to celebrate AP McCoy’s amazing achievement

Year 2013 7th November A momentous occasion A day to remember! Thursday at Towcester Ten past three The world of racing Is waiting to see. Holding their breath The outcome’s a mystery The time has arrived A moment in history. The day before He stayed in his seat He’d have to wait For his ‘Mission Complete’ But his day would come Very soon With his new best friend ‘Mountain Tune’. A Milestone Standing alone The greatest racer Ever known. His mind tested Years of pain Putting his body Through so much pain. Unsurpassable achievement The best there’s ever been The greatest jockey The planet has seen! Unbelievable! What a career 4000 moments A Genius without fear! Poem by Gary Steer of thesportslyricist.co.uk Feature image by Michael Harris @mjyharris