The Top Favourite Cheltenham Horses 

There is no doubt about it. When it comes to the Cheltenham Festival, it is one of the most famous congregations of the horse racing world. The entire makeup of the participants is of those that actually showcase the best horsemanship and training that you can ever possibly imagine. The horses that participate, are often a mix of young, and more mature horses. The festival is very open to older horses too, so no one is ever really singled out. It is purely about talent! 

The race really does make a select few horses stand out for their excellence in the sport, so punters tend to look out for them further across racing schedules around the world. Sportsbet is one site in particular that hosts all the major horse racing schedules that are available internationally. Definitely the place to make sure that you do not miss out a second on the Cheltenham horse racing!


Altior was bred within the region of Ireland and was bought by Patricia Pugh of Nicky Henderson in 2013. This is where his racing life really began. He took part in many national races working alongside Nico de Boinville throughout the career on the track. The first win that came about from this relationship was in the year 2016, at Cheltenham. He managed to win the Supreme Novices Hurdle and was moved up to take part in more races.

In 2018, he ran in the Queen Mother Chase, which was successful, due to him winning the minimum-distance race. This soon followed with Altior having to defend his title and coming back to return for the Celebration Chase and going home with 19 races that were one, one after the other.

Unfortunately, the return to Cheltenham in 2020, saw Altior losing the chase crown for champion. Nevertheless, he definitely will not be forgotten by the crowds and the sports fans that supported his races.

Willie Wumpkins 

Willie is a horse that is known for his racing capabilities and the name that he has. Very memorable-wouldn’t you agree? The first time Willie became recognised for his racing talents was when he managed to win the Neptune Novices Hurdle. He was 5-years old at the time and very much in his prime for racing. He did pick an injury in 1974, which many thought would have actually ended his career. However, he did disprove those that disbelieved in him, as he returned in the year 1979 and managed to take the Grade 3 Pertemps Final. Then again up until 1981, he won it one after the other for three years in a row. Not too bad if you ask us… Definitely a comeback from an injury that was first perceived as your downfall!


Persia War

Persian War was a foal born in 1963. During his life, he had many trainers that he had worked with. However, one in particular, named Astro Studs, came from a family who was fathered by a Triple Crown Winner. It was not until he passed into the right hands, that he began to show promise for his talent in horse racing. During the Ascot season in 1966-67, he managed to build quite the reputation for himself. Beating competition like Te Fou, he took the Triumph Hurdle by storm and became its champion.

It was onwards and upwards from then on, as he was literally victorious in all the Champion Hurdle tournaments, from 1968-70. Many believed however that his constant change of trainers to race with him is what made him not achieve more in Persians career. Due to being passed to many trainers within the school, he never really managed to take it further than the 70’s for his achievements. He still however managed to really prove everyone wrong, who first doubted him though. That is for sure.


Golden Miller

Golden Miller was a horse bred in the 1920’s and debuted to the nationals in the year 1931. During the period where he was actively racing. He was seen as the greatest of his time, why? Well, because he managed to win the Gold Cup consistently for 5 times between the years 1932 and 36. This was the achievement that allowed him to be remembered and will always remain on the lists of fame and of course the history books of racing, if you ask us.

Golden Miller also managed to beat the records further, when won the Grand National Aintree at the same time and year of the Gold Cup. He was really untouchable by many horses that had hoped to attain the same recognition at the time. A race course was also named after him too, meaning he will most definitely not be forgotten. There is even a statue within Cheltenham that is modelled after him, so he lays there as an example to many, even after he was gone.


Big Bucks

Big Bucks was born in France and trained by Paul Nicholls until when he retired in the year of 2014. Big Buck in total, managed to race thirteen times and won twice for his country and home France. He did however also win 11 of those races within national races too. In Cheltenham however, he managed to win the World Hurdle three times consecutively each year alongside the Long Walk Hurdle in 2009, 2010 and 2011 was the final win of this kind. In 2009 and 2012, he did manage to add the Cleeve Hurdle to the list of successes too and it was from then on that he managed to really make the long list of famous horses of Cheltenham’s time.



Istabraq is a very well-known bay gelding that hardly lost any wins that he put his mind to. It was in the 1990’s that he was paired with Charlie Swan, a jockey that was very involved in the racing world and had lots of experience tucked away under his sleeve. His debut in the year 1996, showed the world how good he was at hurdling and he ultimately did manage to win the Champion Hurdle in 1998 by a total of 12 lengths!

In 1997, the Neptune Novices Hurdle was also his and he managed to pocket that success over three times, one after the other for each consecutive year. These wins are what allowed Istabraq to be written in the famous races lists and of course make the history books too. He has become associated for the best horse hurdles over the years and the addition of the December Festival Hurdle also further added to the long lists of achievements.

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